Golf and Leisure Book 2018

Fundraisers ...Earn $11.00, or $12.00 . 
...for each copy of the 2018 Golf and Leisure Savings Book sold.

Let us help you raise money …Fundraising that works!

 2018 Golf And Leisure Savings Book

Attention:  Fundraiser Coordinators

Are you looking for Something  New and Different to generate funds for your group?  Is your group planning to do a fundraiser for a charitable cause of for a special event or for a group trip or for a neighborhood sports team or for new supplies and equipment!

Durham Golf & Promotion and are proud to present to you…

The 2018 Golf And Leisure Savings Book, a  Unique  Win-Win Fundraising Product that works.  

Everyone wants to save money and all non profit groups need to raise funds.  Our Guide is a proven ‘Win-Win’ sales product for all Fund Raising Groups.   

The 16th Edition of the new Golf and Leisure Savings Book 2018 for Durham Region, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes and Surrounding Areas
is a great gift for:

Birthdays | Retirement | Graduation | Father's/Mother's Day |
Anniversary | Valentines Day | Christmas 
Customer appreciation | Employee appreciation

This year we offer the best value in and around Durham.  Take advantage of our 354 coupon offers that will save you over $10,000 in Durham Region, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes and surrounding areas with our high value coupons:

  • SAVE over $10,000 with 354 Coupons
  • 198 Free Rounds of Golf
  • 216 high value coupons at 42 golf courses, and includes 170 Weekend play coupons
  • Average value of these offers is $42
  • plus: 126 coupons for Driving Ranges, Golf Instructions, miniature Golf and Golf Retail Shops,
  • Popular Restaurants, Pubs and Ski Resorts.

The selling price for each book is $30.00 (incl. Taxes). 

Fundraisers earn a minimmum of $11.00 and $12.00 dollars for each copy of the GOLF AND LEISURE SAVINGS BOOK you sell.

Imagine if your group sold just 50 books, you would make a minimum profit of $550 to $600!.

Do you need to raise funds for your special event, group/class trip, new supplies or equipment? Or are you looking to raise money to donate to a charity of your choice?

Durham Golf & Promotion is proud to present to you the 2018 GOLF AND LEISURE SAVINGS BOOK, a unique and proven fundraising product.

No upfront cost necessary to you or your group. The books are available now and are valid until October 31, 2018.


Your Potential Customers


Christmas Stocking Stuffers  Mom and Dad   Friends & Neighbours   Sports Groups    Grandparents   Business Associates    Local Associations  Local businesses  Workplaces


Why should your group sell the 2018 Golf and Leisure Savings Book?

Our Book is competitively priced and sought-after by Book Users

Redeem 1 coupon the first time and the Book is paid for, and now you can begin saving over $10,000 dollars.

·     Does not promote door-to-door sales.  It is possible but not required

·     Golf is a sport that is increasing in popularity with both men and women

·     Promotes community awareness of golf activities and lifestyles

·     Your group does not require upfront investment to raise funds

·     One single transaction to the users.  No orders to take and return with delivery

·     No heavy lifting, carrying and distribution of boxes or stock perishable inventory


How it Works

·     Don’t pay anything upfront for consigned Golf Books

·     Don’t pay for any Golf Books returned to us

·     Only pay for the Golf Books that you have sold after the campaign and after you have received payment from your customers

·     Receive payments from your customers to your group by cash or cheque.

·     We will then meet with you after your campaign to pick up a cheque from your group for the quantity of Golf Books sold and pick-up the returned books.

·     Book your dates with us as early as possible for your 2 or 3 week campaign.


The Durham Region with more than 44 golf courses has a huge market potential for these guides.  According to Statistics Canada there are over 700,000 residents living in Durham.  It is estimated that 15- 25% of Canadians identify golfing as a regular activity.  Those numbers translate into 82,000-137,500 potential Durham Golf and Leisure customers.

Our 2018 Golf and Leisure Savings Book is a proven and unique fund raising tool and opportunity, which will certainly benefit and enhance your group’s fundraising program.

The 2018 Golf and Leisure Savings Book has been designed and produced by Durham Golf & Promotion.  The distribution and marketing of the 2018 Golf and Leisure Savings Book for non-profit organization is coordinated by

Call Walt at 905-432-2434for participation and selling of Book information.


Thank you,


Walter Rebot,

Fundraising Coordinator,

2018 Golf and Leisure Savings Book

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